Warped Tour

Every year a group of internet children seem to get upset about the headliners for the Warped Tour line up, and rant about Kevin Lyman selling out on their blog that gets 10 hits a week. 

The tour hasn’t changed since it started, Early they used to have Limp Bizkit and Body Count on the tour, maybe you were just too damn young to remember that, but you think those weren’t big names that brought people?? Lyman is a smart fucking man, and deserves the best for making responsible decisions. All of your favorite bands (Including artists like Dillinger Escape Plan, Katy Perry, and Bad Religion) would not be where they are at today with out Kevin bringing people in people for the headlining acts that end up finding their new favorite band playing on stage randomly walking by. So to everyone that calls him a ‘sell out’, go fuck yourself.