Deadhorse x Siq Shit

…another new-jam-Friday. today i bring you an exclusive premier by a band called DEADHORSE. the track is called “Tired Lungs” and it will be found on their upcoming cassette release: “Live at The Office Recording Studio”, which will be out soon via the band’s own label and Ethic Records.

Deadhorse are from Erie, PA and play some damn good post-rock jams. these instrumentals have been on my top rotation the last few days as i’ve just discovered them recently and i am very stoked on what i have heard (and seen) so far. big ups to homie Craig over at I AM SHARK for hooking it up with some new music to check out. Deadhorse are currently on their first European tour; so if you live out there, go catch them and say whatup. they have also been documenting their voyage overseas through their video-diaries, so make sure you check those out too (and keep checking for newer ones to come).

anyways, if you wish to get a hold of this new cassette (that is out of only 100 copies), you can ORDER HERE or HERE. and thanks again to Craig and the Deadhorse crew for letting me get the track first. much love.

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