Lyrically Speaking: The Story Changes

The Story Changes

First impressions are everything. It could also be wrong. When meeting with The Story Changes, I saw two guys who I thought were a bit intimidating. But once working with them, they are the sweetest guys you could ever meet. Aside from being so welcoming and hilarious, these guys get serious on the stage, but serious in a good way.

This two piece rock group originates from Dayton, Ohio. Their sound brings back the good in what pop rock used to be. They also bring the excitement and joy on stage as well. Mark McMillon does everything from vocals to lead and rhythm guitar. He is the quintessential of multitasking and his many talents has paid off. McMillon gets the crowd going by getting them involved in anyway possible, whether its through clapping to the beat or just jumping up and down. Not as mobile as McMillon, Chris “Poppy” Popadak has as much energy, if not more, than McMillon behind the drums. He is just a beast behind his kit. This band did an awesome set with only just two of them.

“Analogies”, a split EP between The Story Changes and Let Go, is a great showcase of what these guys produced. The Story Changes’ part of the EP makes you foot tap to the beat. It has a catchy and pop feel along with its dynamic lyrics such as “Constellations.” 

I had the great pleasure working with these guys and they are sure to amaze you on and off the stage.

Check them out: