Lyrically Speaking: PMtoday

Everyone can be camera shy at times. These guys were a little bit but when it came to the stage, they were anything but timid. PMtoday brought in the energy and they set the mood for the rest of the show, which is zestful. Coming all the way from Arkansas, these guys brought it to the stage.

On and off stage, these guys are brothers, literally and metaphorically. Their chemistry is so rare that its impossible to even think that there is a group of people who share the same passion and determination. Connor Brogan’s vocals are totally not of the norm. This might sound weird, but it works with their unique and diverse sound. Paired with his vocals, Connor Brogan’s enthusiasm for the guitar makes their performance enjoyable. His brother, Cuinn Brogman, has a coy presence on stage but it seems that he enjoys being up there and playing music that he’s worked on. On the other hand, Jerrod Morgan was very active and was pretty much running around the stage. His lively performance went unnoticed. Towards the back of the stage, Ryan Brogan’s drumming was impeccable. He had such a colorful set yet he was composed at the same time; it was a great balance.

I purchased their album In Media Res and I’m hooked. It could be the eerie sound of the guitar in “People Are Machines” or the heartfelt lyrics of “Composing A Commercial Product.” All in all, this album is definitely worth listening to. The vocals in this album and from this band is very diverse. From the high pitch harmonies to the melancholic low vocals, it definitely works. Aside from the vocals, the instrumentals are amazing. There is a blend of pop rock in certain songs but then it turns into an experimental indie sound then into a breakdown. This gives you a, “Wow, did that just happen?” type of reaction.

Rise Records did a great job signing with these guys. PMtoday is guaranteed to blow your mind through your stereo and at shows.

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