Introducing // Deadhorse


Deadhorse is a post-rock/instrumental band from Erie, PA. Forming in August of 2009, they are quickly becoming known as a hard-working and sincere new face in the touring underground. With national tours and independent album releases spreading like wildfire through relentless online promotion, the sounds of Deadhorse are reaching new audiences all around the globe each and every day. With a wide range of dynamic, control and power, Deadhorse not only creates an epic atmosphere for the listener to get sucked into, but also maintains a crucial intimate connection with subtle builds, graceful strings, and gentle classical-driven melodies.

Deadhorse shows no signs of slowing down with the release of their first studio full length “We Can Create Our Own World” on vinyl through Broken Circles Records, plans for tours to Canada, Europe and China in 2012, a split 7 inch coming this fall through Broken Circles/Animal Style Records, and 2 music videos made by Australian filmmaker Matt Kleiner. They are showing that DIY is still very much alive. I recently caught up with Guitarist Brian who gave me a simple introduction to the band.

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