Interview with The Story Changes, 7/29/11


I found out about The Story Changes through Hawthorne Heights- their singer/guitarist Mark McMillon tours with Hawthorne Heights as a guitarist. Coincidentally, they’d be playing as This is a Lifetime’s (whom I interviewed at their show back in June) CD release show, so I set up an interview with the band before the show.



I met up with Mark at the venue before the show. We headed over to Starbucks for the interview; though he’s a big advocate of all-things indie, Mark admitted to drinking a lot of Starbucks, and says he can usually be found there before a show. Read on for the interview, where we talk about their new EP, This Is Your Moment, their involvement on the COMPassion CD for Japanese relief, and how the music industry has shifted in the seven years they’ve been a band.


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